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Why Choose Valderrama Homes?

If you take a brief look into the Tulsa area, in fact, many areas, you will discover beautiful homes, many homes, that are outwardly luxurious. Take a ​deeper look and you will learn that energy efficiency is not standard practice or priority.Even a closer look and many corners have been cut. The only ​corners we cut are in the actual lumber and material we use for the home, not on structural, energy-efficient issues or what would be in the buyer's ​best interest.The emphasis has been "looks good must be good", similarly to when purchasing food products. Yet many food products are filled with ​artificial flavors, fillers, chemical dyes, and other toxic ingredients that may not harm you immediately, yet in time can be costly. Likewise, contractors ​or customers, often skimp on internal quality and material when building. Homes eventually develop problems and owners pay lots of money for wa​sting energy. Valderrama Homes, however, is happy to build you a product that is structurally sound, energy-efficient, and beautiful. Healthy prac​tices produce healthy results. We encourage consumers to not take risks with their bodies or their homes.Do you want to control the quality of air i​nside of your home or do you want the weather to do it for you? We inspect the work to make sure it meets our codes, not merely the local codes.U​nfortunately, many buyers are flattered by builders and their outward displays, lighting, shapes, colors, and finishes. Even more unfortunate, a good ​name does not necessarily mean energy-efficient, structural integrity, or that corners​ weren't cut.

Appearance is only a part of bui​l​ding a home.

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Design and Planning

We’ll design your home, remodel, or addition from scratch, collaborating with you on the aesthetics, floor plans, site prepping; working together to solve the structural challenges of your vision and filing for engineering approvals for a small fee if necessary.

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We operate primarily in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

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